Papers Online is a service for users of Papers3 for Mac, iOS and Windows. To access the service, simply create an account from within Papers.

Papers Online: collaborate, share, discover

Manage your references, collaboratively

Create a collection to share the latest publications with your lab, another to organize your journal club, and another to gather the references for that next manuscript.

Shared collection URLs

Collections can be shared by emailing the shared collection URL. Whether you keep the URL secret or share it is up to you. Inviting a colleague is as easy as sending an email. Inviting everyone is as easy as posting a tweet.

Your library is always private

Papers Online collections appear like the regular collections. Publications only appear in your personal library if you copy them from Papers Online. Local and shared publications are kept separate: edits to any copies in your library are private.

Available in Papers3 and on the web

Papers Online is a web application, so you can sign in and view your publications. This also allows people to view a limited preview of collections when accessing a shared URL.

Stay connected to your research

Copy the references you are currently reading into your reading list, then access them wherever you are using your web browser.

Save for later

Add publications to your Reading List as you browse using our new browser extensions. When you come back to Papers3, they'll be waiting.